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Road transport, which is the oldest transportation model in the history of humanity, aims to achieve maximum transit time performances within the most reasonable costs with the logic of door-to-door service and to complete its final service by adding 100% follow-up information to its customers during transportation processes.

You may see in our map in which countries we compete ambitiously in our country, according to our foreign trade data, international transportation occurs in highway at a rate of more than 75%, where competition reaches the advanced stage and those who can make a difference face the rope.
Liberalized in recent years, railway transportation; Compared to highway, brings maximum environmental advantages in optimum time and cost and alternatively takes its place in our service range with increasing rates.

The fact that a train departing from a location like China is planned to be connected directly to Europe without interruption will bring great advantages to foreign trade firms by opening the Silk Road.
With our current structure, we can always offer alternative solutions in the logic of forwarders for traditional port-port or door-to-door delivery services in your maritime transportations.
We have the infrastructure to ensure that your products are delivered in a timely manner by taking care of the safety and hygiene aspects of your products.

While providing storage service, we offer storage service by grouping our products in normal, cool and cold storages in order to store your products under the most suitable conditions.
Transport Commodity insurance is made by importer-exporter. If not, the conditions of the carrier's Liability Insurance (CMR) are deemed accepted in advance. The shipper is obliged to pay the gross kg value of the damaged goods.


Bios in Latin corresponds to the concepts of life and vitality. Logistikas is also of Latin origin and has given the logistic science its present meaning. With the combination of these two words, the fact that life itself is in fact a completely logistic process has inspired us professionals and brought the Next Generation Logistics Team under the roof of BIO LOGISTICS.

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